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My most recent accomplishment, which I am proud of, is building and driving an app called Untire into winning two ‘Lovie Awards.’ Due to my problem solving skills, creative thinking, and my capability to work by myself and in a team environment, I can humbly say it offered my colleagues and I the opportunity as well as the privilage to participate and win the most prestiguous European award honoring online excellence.

I am a Full-Stack Developer, however, I have been working as a mobile developer with React Native for the past year but most my career I have built Web apps and APIs with Ruby / Ruby on Rails. I am now currently exploring functional programming and loving Elixir on my free time.

At the age of 13, I began programming as a result of wanting to create my own personal profile website which I also did for friends. It shaped my vision for programming and I cannot see myself doing anything else. Diving deep into concepts within the tools I already know in addition to continually exploring new technologies has and always will be a passion of mine. For me there is nothing better than constantly learning, solving complex problems, creating things as well as seeing something work and come to life!

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